Refund and Money-Back Guarantee

We welcome you to review our money back guarantee! All our clients have the right to open a dispute and request their money back if there is a valid reason for that. We will carefully review each case as soon as possible and inform the customer with the most suitable decision for his claim. At, you can get 100% refund in the following cases:


Order Cancellation

Your plans have changed but you already placed your order, in this case please contact our support team immediately. You can ask to cancel your order within three (3) hours after the payment to apply for a full refund. If you applied for canceling and a full refund after the given time (after 3 hours), partial refund will be issued because the writer has already started working on your project.



You accidentally placed your order twice, or the system charged you two times for one order. Please reach out to the support team immediately and clear up the situation. If the system has sent you two receipts you will need to forward them to our email and after that you will get your full refund. The alternative solution is to use the second payment as a deposit for your future orders. A special discount may be offered if the alternative solution is chosen.


No Writer

If we fail to assign the most qualified writer to help you with your project, we will refund your full payment. We do notify our customers if this situation occurs to give them extra time to find a good writer. For example, if your project is due in 2 weeks and we do not have the writer, on the second day of your order's placement you will be notified about the situation, not after 2 weeks when you have no time left to deal with the issue.



If you have found any trace of plagiarism in our work you need to prove it. All papers are checked for plagiarism before delivery. If you think your paper is plagiarized, you need to provide a plagiarism report from your university or trusted online systems. But we should warn you about checking your paper at plagiarism detection websites. Their system automatically stores the content of your work, so if the essay is checked for the second time, the system will show a 100% plagiarism. It is your choice to use those systems by yourself if you know that your professor will check your work later on and detect 100% plagiarism for an original paper.


Late Delivery

n case we fail to meet your deadline - we recalculate the price of your case. For instance, if you ordered an urgent paper with an 8-hour deadline and we sent you the paper within 11 hours - the difference between the payments will be deducted from the old price. Please remember that you have two weeks to review your paper and ask for free revisions, if needed.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team 24/7 if you have additional questions.


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