Exercise 2 – Creating Databases

Paper detalis:

Please read below everything very carefully:

1. Create TWO database files including all the tables for the database designs included in the “Exercise 2 – Creating Databases” MS-Word file available on Canvas under Week 4 Module. Please don’t enter any data.

2. Create the TWO relationship diagrams among the tables in the two database files created in step 1.

a. Please note that every table must have the Primary Key correctly setup for the relationship diagram to be accurate.

b. All the attributes in each table must be clearly visible with no extra white space AND no scroll bar.

c. Make sure you save Each database file by prefixing the current name of the file with your FirstName_LastName. For example in my case, the first database file will be saved as Vipin_Arora_Class_Enrollments.accdb.

3. For each database file, make a snip of the relationship diagram using the “snipping tool” just like we did earlier for exercise 1. Paste the snipped image onto a MS-Word file. You will have TWO images for relationship diagrams from the two databases. Below every image include a caption with a Figure number. Save the word file as your FirstName_LastName_Exercise2.

4. Double check everything before submitting the assignment. Use the following checklist:

a. All tables must have a primary key.

b. All the attributes in each table must be clearly visible with no extra white space. The scroll bar should not be visible.

c. The relationship diagrams look professional. You should have a “1” on one side and the infinity symbol on the other side of the arrow connecting the primary key with the foreign key for every relationship.

d. There should not be any criss-crossing of the relationship lines connecting the tables.

e. All files are named as required.

5. Upload here the two database files and the MS-Word file with the snipped images. So, in total you will upload THREE files.

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