CBM assessment strategies




5002 Journal Critique Rubric


Assignment: Locate and post on Moodle Forum Board a critique of one on-line journal article site (2011–present) pertinent to assessment strategies. Make certain that your link works. Your critique should be at least one page in length, double-spaced.



Written critique should include the following:

___/1  Website information                                                                     

Web address or location information (i.e., WilsonWeb Full Text)

Check to be sure your site works!) Be sure your article is from a

true Journal (edited publication rather than a magazine article).


___/2  *Citation in correct form                                                              


Olson, M. R., Chalmers, L, & Hoover, J. H. (2005). Attitudes

and attributes of general education teachers identified as

effective inclusionists. Remedial and Special Education, 18(1),



___/10            *Summary of Findings                                                                 

What significant information did the author include?

Is enough detail in your summary for your classmates to judge

whether or not they would like to read the article in its entirety?


___/5  *Critique and Personal Reflections                                          

Did you feel that the article was well written and informative?

Were weaknesses noted? Did it meet your expectations?

Did you agree/disagree with the author? How did you feel

about the information included?


___/2  Relevance                                                                                       

These points are based upon instructor judgment of the

article’s relevance to this course.


___/5  Writing Quality

Is the critique well written? Is it organized as specified

in the rubric, grammatically correct, and spellchecked? Does the

critique meet the length specifications?                      



Total Points                     /25


­­­                        Grade:        /50         


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