Virginia Henderson and her Nursing Need Theory

A. Theory is described in a clear and organized manner. 1. Explicitly write the assumptions of the theory. 2. Include major concepts and definitions 3. Give your rationale for this choice of theory–how did you decide to evaluate this particular theory? 4. Include a thesis statement addressing the relevance of the chosen theory to the patient care situation—why this theory for this patient; does this theory apply specifically to this type of patient? B. A minimum of 4 references used in describing the theory. Your paper should have additional references related to the application (5-7). II. Application of the Theory A. The client(s) to whom the theory is to be applied is/are identified and described. 1. Define the problem, situation, issue, or dilemma. B. Using the outline of the nursing process, show how this theory would be applied to this patient. 1. Assessment-how would you assess your patient with this theory? 2. Nursing Diagnosis-use NANDA terms with NIC/NOC criteria to assist the development of your patient’s care OR state the nursing diagnosis in terms congruent with your theory. (Ex: based on Roy’s theory, the diagnosis would be stated in her terms.) Only 1 diagnosis. 3. Goals-Identify at least two goals related to your nursing diagnosis. 4. Interventions-Which are most important? 5. Evaluation of the nursing process-How did your interventions work with this specific patient within the framework of this theory? If you were unable to see the results because of scheduling, state that but discuss what you might expect the outcomes to be. III. Evaluation of the Application of the Nursing Theory A. Was the theory of choice applicable to the chosen patient situation? Was any area of the theory difficult to utilize with this patient? Was a particular area of the theory especially helpful with this patient? Is this theory universal—could you use the theory in all types of nursing situations? B. Evidence of the use of critical thinking will be evaluated. D. Reference list included using APA guidelines. Quality & number of references will be evaluateaqwd! Total minimum required= 9.

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