Essay 2: Exploring Religious Foundations in Literature

For this paper, you will be writing on at least two of the philosophical texts from this unit, that is, The Analects, The Hebrew Bible, The Bhagavad-gita, The Qur’an, or The Christian Bible. You must include MLA formatted in-text citation and a works cited page. I expect to see detailed evidence taken from the posted versions of these texts. No other sources are required but if you use any outside sources (even Wikipedia, Spark Notes, or other homework helper type websites) be sure to cite them. For your paper: 1. Find an element in common between your chosen texts. This could be a person, an idea, a symbol, a theme, or something else. 2. Compare and contrast how these elements are developed through the texts. How are they presented similarly? Dissimilarly? 3. What do we learn about your chosen topics after traciaqwng them through multiple texts?

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