Dr.Esma CFE A Literacy Assessment and Framework

Allocate at least 3 hours in the field to complete this field experience. Part 1: Observation and Collaboration Observe a grade 1 certified general education classroom during English Language Arts instruction and then interview and collaborate with your mentor teacher about literacy assessment and developing a successful literacy framework. Take notes during your interview and with your mentor teacher discuss the following: 1. Which literacy assessments have proved to be successful in identifying student needs? How were these assessments chosen? 2. What data collection methods are used to track and monitor student progress? 3. How does assessment data drive curriculum and the literacy framework? 4. What steps are taken to develop a literacy framework that meets the needs of all students? 5. What does a comprehensive literacy framework include? 6. What technology tools are used to focus on continuous and effective data? 7. How is data information shared with students and students’ families? 8. What does a typical literacy block of instruction include? 9. How are the cognitive, emotional, social, and developmental needs of students factored into instruction choices? 10. What steps are taken to monitor and adjust curriculum based on student needs 11. What technology tools are utilized in the classroom to reinforce and develop literacy curricular concepts outlined in the literacy framework? Ask additional and follow-up questions as appropriate. With the help of your mentor teacher, identify 3 students above, at, or below standard achievement in the classroom environment that would benefit from additional learning support. Obtain from your mentor teacher the unit and standards the class is currently learning, in order to prepare for future clinical field experience assignments. Speak with your mentor teacher and, provided permission, use any remaining time to seek out opportunities to observe and/or assist your mentor teacher or another teacher and work with a small group of students on instruction in the classroom. Your mentor teacher must approve any hours spent observing another classroom environment. Part 2: Reflection In 250 words, summarize and reflect upon your observations of literacy instruction and assessment, explaining how you will use your findings in your future professional practice. Include a summary of interview and discussion with mentor teacher detailing literacy in the classroom and how it is instructed, assessed, and developed to meet the diverse needs of students. Submit a summary of the interview/discussiaqwon and reflection as one deliverable.

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