Creating a Small Business

Describe the steps you would employ to select the small business you would like to start. To receive full credit for your discussion post, you must complete the following: An original post with a minimum of ten pertinent sentences. For example, merely repeating the question does not count as a sentence. Your content should be of substance Your content should be detailed Your content should be full of insight You should analyze and show connections to the text Reply to at least 2 classmates with a minimum of four pertinent sentences. Peer replies should be thoughtful, reflect on the original poster’s ideas, and contribute to the class discussion. “I agree”, “great points”, and other statements without substance will result in point deductions. Posting I agree/disagree and then restating or rewording their post or part of their post is not a substantive reply. You should use correct grammar, punctuation, and spell checked. Your content should be clear and concise. It should relate to the text material, current events, prior knowledge, and/or personal experiences. You should avoid slang, no curse wordaqws, no abbreviations, no texting/Twitter spelling

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