Cyber crimes and data analysis and visualization

Review the attached FBI 2020 & 2021 Annual Internet Crimes Reports: FBI Internet Crime Report 2020-1.pdf Download FBI Internet Crime Report 2020-1.pdf FBI Internet Crime Report 2021.pdf Download FBI Internet Crime Report 2021.pdf Use the two reports and conduct your own additional research of the Internet, including the FBI Cyber Crime division at to select one Computer or Internet/Cyber crime committed recently within the last three years (for example Cyber bullying) and summarize your findings in one page addressing the following questions: 1. Based on the FBI 2020 and 2021 reports, is the nature and the type of crime you selected on the rise or decline? or is it a new crime because of a new technology? 2. What is the impact on the individual, society, country, and even globally on the entire human race? 3. Could your selected crime have been averted? and How? 4. Was the crime prosecuted and was there a punishment? If there was a punishment, from your point of view, did it fit the crime in your case? In the next section, try to frame your analysis in a Social Informatics perspective: 1. In what area did this crime fall? 2. Was there a legislation, or a government rule or regulation to address this crime? 3. Is there a transnational or International possible intervention or need for legislation in this area? 4. What or how can Social Informatics help in this area? Download your own student copy of Tableau from: Links to an external site. If this is your first time to use Tableau, you can view a quick tutorial on how to use this application from the Tableau Training center and have access to several videos at: I believe one of the most more important skills to acquire for todays jobs and future jobs is the ability of understanding and questioning data through organizing and linking the data elements as well as visualizing them to paint a story or discover some insights. So, the main idea in this activity if for you to create an excel sheet first to include all the data elements about the computer or cyber crime you selected from 2020 and 2021 from the reports. You would try to identify as much information as you can on the one crime that you selected for both years and that includes identifying data elements “data sets” such as number of people impacted, amount of money to fix or address the crime, the amount of money damage caused by the crime, the number of people or cities or states etc impacted by the crime, the gender and background and so on. You would then import your excel sheet with the data selected from both years into Tableau and start questioning your data by selecting and dropping different fields as columns or rows for both years into the Tableau view and then changing them around looking at different visuals of your data as displayed by different types of graphs. Hint: try also swapping your data elements from columns to rows to select at least 2 graphs of your set of data representing 2020 and 2021 together showing any trends, outliers and changes. Include a screen capture of your grapaqwhs in your one page Powerpoint.

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