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LSP 200: Positioning Asian American Art in [Art] History                                                                                       Dr. Hansman
Autumn 2022

The long history of vital and diverse contributions made by immigrants from Asian countries to the development of the United States has been paralleled by an equally long history of discrimination, inequity, and exclusions perpetrated against them.  To understand this equation, one must identify and characterize the factors which contributed to it.

Writing Assignment 2

Due: in submissions folder Race/Identity + Immigration Sunday, October 2 11:59 PM

Length: 2 – 2.5 (standard margins, 10 or 12 point font, single-spaced

Heading: Name and title of your essay


  • LSP 200 Autumn 2022 Group Immigration Presentations (posted D2L)

Relevant Readings

  • Lisa Lowe, “Immigration, Citizenship, Racialization: Asian American Critique” from Immigrant Acts: On Asian American Cultural Politics, 1 – 36. [posted on D2L]
  • Gary Gerstle, selections from American Crucible [posted D2L]
  • John Kuo Wei Tchen, Yellow Peril: An Archive of Anti-Asian Fear especially “Introduction” and “Anglo America’s “Great Game” [posted in D2L]
  • Yellow Peril: Collecting Xenophobia [posted D2L] visual material on the concept of “Yellow Peril”

Prior Assigned Readings

  • Gloria Yamato, “Something about the Subject Makes it Difficult to Name” [posted D2l]
  • Audrey Smedley,”’Race’ and the Construction of Human Identity” [posted D2L]


While the experience of immigration to the United States varied considerably as a function of the time and circumstances of those immigrating, certain patterns emerge across Asian immigrant groups.   Making specific reference to readings and to the presentations given in class, characterize the patterns you can identify in the  push / pull factors which impacted immigration from Asia (that is the social, economic, legal, and political factors).   Then discuss how and why (what factors) the experience of members of each of these groups was/is different; how were immigrants of each group seen and treated  by “Americans”, why?  What factors contributed to systems of inequity, discrimination, and exclusion?

Frame your essay around a thesis/topic statement which you support with specific evidence from readings and presentations.

Do not use long quotations from any of the readings, but rather summarize the author’s concept or point in your own words.   For this essay cite sources with parenthetical references to author and page number – e.g.  Lowe, 22, China group presentation, etc.


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