Music Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a music multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

SECTION 1: TOTAL 40 points

  1. What were some important characteristics of Classical style?
  2. How is the Classical concerto like the Baroque concerto? How is it different? How is the virtuosic ability of the performer showcased in the Classical concerto?
  3. What are the prevailing types of operas in the Classical era, and how do these differ from one another?
  4. Sonata-allegro form
  • Name the 3 parts in this compositional form. What happens in each of the three parts?
  • Which movement of a Classical era composition would use this form?
  • Name a composer and an 18th century composition that uses sonata-allegro form

5.Describe the multi-movement form of a Classical symphony with four movements.

  • For each movement give the form, the tempo range, the. movement’s character or mood, or any other special points about the format

6.Patronage system: explain the essential points of this system and what was expected of a person employed in this system. What are two advantages and two disadvantages to system?

7.The Enlightenment: Write 150 words about the ideas and actions that were part of the Enlightenment in Europe. How did some of the Enlightenment and Classical ideals get reflected in 18th century music?

8.How might the musical structures from the Classical era be compared to a play, novel, film, or video game?

SECTION 2: ESSAY 60 points

  • OPTION: Choose ONE composer OR ONE Special Focus Topic
  • SUBMIT: in your document put ONLY the material of your essay about a composer or special focus topic that you have chosen


F.J. HAYDN: Write a brief biography of his life and career with the following focus

  • Early years & family, training, adulthood
  • Employment and making a living: his employers, amount of time, focus in composing. Other ways he made money
  • Enormous fame, legacy: What contributions did Haydn make to the genre of the symphony? Give information about his development of the symphony, the string quartets with some titles.

MOZART: Write a brief biography of his life and career including information based on these elements

  • Childhood, family, emergence as a special talent, early touring and early composing, early adult years
  • Employment: who did he work for, good-not so good elements of employment
  • How did he make a living in music in the world of his time. Special titles, events
  • Music and legacy: describe the range of his compositions with special highlighting of his piano concertos, symphonies, and operas.

BEETHOVEN: Write a brief biography of his life and career:

  • Childhood and family, emergence as a special talent, training, early adult years
  • Emergence as a young virtuoso, career, employment, how he made money, special challenges in his life.
  • Give information on the huge full range of his compositions.
  • In what ways was Beethoven’s music considered “transitional” to the classical music of the 19th century
  • Describe his enormous impact and legacy on composers and performers in later centuries.


MOZARTThe Singspiel-Opera ‘The Magic Flute’

  • When written, his collaborator, story overview, premiere, reception
  • Give summary of the opera’s plot, special features of the music and songs, its reflection of the societal concerns during Mozart’s time.
  • Is the subject matter of Mozart’s singspiel-opera ‘timeless’? In what ways?
  • What new ways do opera companies use to perform this work?

BEETHOVEN: The Amazing Nine Symphonies

  • Introduce his nine symphonies with brief timeline of his work
  • Describe special points of the most famous ones (if you’re not sure check with Prof.King)
  • Present some thoughts – yours or others – about why these symphonies are so important in the Classical orchestral tradition and why people still want to hear them
  • Describe Beethoven’s impact and legacy on composers in the 19th century and beyond.


  • Write 1100 (max.1200) words. THIS WORD COUNT ONLY APPLIES TO THE ESSAY!
  • Typed, double spaced, type face 12 pt, one inch margins
  • Avoid excessive use of quotes, extended lines of text from a source, or using numerous very small quotes
  • Avoid copying material from the textbook or other research source
  • Do NOT include illustrations, photos, music scores or any visual element instead of text.


  • This information should be SEPARATE from the text of the essay
  • The bibliographic information is NOT part of the word count for the essay material
  • List MLA style: Three sources – give author, title, date, book pages used, website URLs
  • Acknowledge sources of quotes MLA style.


ESSAYS will be evaluated for the following elements:

  1. Presentation of comprehensive and good quality information
  2. Accuracy in presentation: correctly spelled names, correct dates, good quality musical and historical information
  3. Writing style: good flow and clarity with appropriate basic elements: grammar, proper use of vocabulary, spelling
  4. Your work: facts are great but enthusiasm makes it cool, a personal touch is special too!
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