Management اداره و تجاره حقي و اقتصاد رهف

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4- Write a report on whatever you use to research and what you write in a different document because we will discuss it separately in class

Write at least2 references using the APA style.


Please use simple language

Put the in-text quote in each.

Additions within the document.

8.2 Action Required:

In the organization where you work or take an example of your choice to answer the question given below.

8.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):

List the common methods used in selecting human resources in the chosen organization. Try to compare these with any other organization.

8.3 Test your knowledge (question):

Watch the following video(s), which you can access in the Weekly Media object or by clicking on the link(s) below: And answer the question.

Q1 Point to the video, in perfect competition, “Companies Take Prices.” With the help of an example, explain how firms in perfect competition take prices?

Video case study

The full value of mobile marketing

think and discuss

As consumers continue to move more media consumption and computing tasks to mobile devices, marketers have followed suit, devising a range of approaches to extend their branding and marketing efforts to the mobile platform. This includes different types of in-app ads and mobile search ads. This shift towards mobile requires both the brands and the advertising and analytics companies they work with to analyze the impact of mobile marketing differently than other marketing channels. The better companies understand the effects of mobile marketing, the more ROI they can expect to see from their marketing campaigns.

When the only way to access a website was to use a desktop computer, using a less rigorous approach to evaluating the viability of a marketing campaign made more sense. Now, however, not only can consumers access the same website on different platforms, but two customers can access the same website in completely different ways. In this video, global sporting goods giant Adidas describes its experiences working with digital performance marketing agency iProspect to better understand the value of mobile marketing efforts. With clients ranging from General Motors to Hilton, Neiman Marcus and T-Mobile, iProspect is aware of marketing initiatives in very different industries. The company specializes in search engine optimization, paid search, display advertising, and other social and mobile marketing techniques, with a focus on achieving a measurable return on investment. For a company like Adidas, which relies on brick-and-mortar outlets, mobile marketing that leads customers to a nearby physical location is critical. The video describes how iProspect focused on the adidas mobile store locator tool to determine its effectiveness as a mobile marketing tool. It is difficult to determine the exact number of customers generated by mobile marketing efforts over a given period of time. To try and solve this problem, iProspect analyzed the impact of ads displaying a store locator using internal adidas data. They accurately estimated the percentage of store locator clicks that led to in-store traffic and the value of their final purchase. They then gradually increase these amounts, because potential customers who have clicked on the store locator actually show a higher level of intent to make a purchase. Different types of companies may see different returns on the same type of advertising campaigns. It is up to each business to decide which type of mobile ads will perform the best for their business.

Video status questions:

• Of the mobile users who clicked on the store locator, what fraction did the iProspect estimate enter a physical store?

• What has iProspect determined to be the value of each click on an individual store locator?

• What are the implications for the return on investment?

• Why did iProspect increase the average order value per visit from its initial value?

• What are the amounts?

test your knowledge

Q1: Social marketing use various tools to encourage users to interact with your content and brand is called.

• Community

• Amplification

• Engagement

• Fan acquisition

Q2: Which of the following is the first step in social marketing process?

• Fan acquisition

• Community

• Amplification

• Engagement

Q3: What kind of social networking site enables users to talk about brands using pictures rather than words?

• Linkdedin

• Snapchat

• Twitter

• Pinterest

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