Computer Science Question

Your essay should address the following topics. Please use section titles to separate the three parts.

Part 1: Ethical and professional responsibilities
Section 9.4.2 (check the book that I attached) provides a compact summary of the ACM code of ethics for software professionals in a discipline-independent set of nine fundamental principles. Which of these nine principles supports the legitimacy of whistle-blowing? Which principles may be violated by a whistle-blower? Separate your response into two paragraphs (support and violate), and in each paragraph, address each of the nine principles. (If one of the principles is not relevant, you may state that as the case.)


Part 2: Impacts
Social media has an outsized impact on many people’s lives. Choose one social media product/platform and describe how it has made a global impact, an economic impact, an environmental impact, and a societal impact.


Part 3: Informed Judgments
During your career, you may be called upon to make decisions that will impact others. Describe how you would make informed judgments. Consider legal, professional, and ethical principles. State how you would balance or weigh these three sets of principles.


Your paper must be professional in both tone and content. (You may write in the first person.) You should have at least one reference, the textbook, but more are not required unless you derived your ideas from reading a source.


TurnItIn is used to check for plagiarism and quoted text. Please be aware that it checks your work against documents on the Internet. Avoid direct quotes longer than 3 lines, even if a publication is cited. Use your own words.



Format your essay using the   Essay Template document (it is attached on the website)


  • Alignment: Justified
  • First line of paragraph indented by 0.5″
  • Spacing before paragraph: 0pt
  • Spacing after paragraph: 12pt:
  • Line spacing: 1.5 lines
  • Verdana Regular 11pt

The essay must be at least 3 pages


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