Managing Growth

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Successful marketing requires effective relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing, and performance marketing. In this chapter, we consider the societal impact of a company’s marketing activities and examine the key dimensions of corporate social responsibility. A company must also choose what countries to enter based on the product and factors such as geography, income, population, and political climate. Competitive considerations come into play, too. It may make sense to go into markets where competitors have already entered to force them to defend their market share, as well as to learn how they are marketing in that environment.

One of the problems that some large multinational corporations, such as Nike, Hershey, and H&M, to name just a few, have had is bad press as a result of not being socially responsible toward the people they employ in other countries. The use of child labor in third-world countries is a huge concern and one that every company doing business there must be aware of. Regardless of what is practiced in third-world countries, American businesses conducting business overseas must follow American employment laws.

Conduct research on the use of child labor overseas and locate a USA-based company that has gotten into international trouble for hiring underage children for a mere pittance of what American workers earn for the same jobs or to do dangerous jobs. Then, review the company’s social responsibility policy on their website and discuss the following: The situation found overseas by the company or its contractors or representatives. According to what you read on the Internet, is the company following its own social responsibility policy regarding the hiring of children overseas? What should the company do differently if anything? Does the prospect of a company hiring underage children as laborers make you think twice about purchasing any of their products?

Be sure to include a reference list after your initial post.

Be sure to include a reference list after your initial post.At least 2 references including Kotler, P., Keller, K. L., & Chernev. A. (2022). Marketing management (16th ed.). Pearson.

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