Biology Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

For this assignment, you will watch the video below and study the associated PowerPoint slides. This is a story of a world class female runner, Santhi Soundarajan, who won the silver medal in 2006 at the Asian games in Doha, Qatar. Because of her athleticism and appearance, her gender was questioned and an investigation ensued. Watch the lecture video for the story and some of the biology describing what determines gender in humans.

For your assignment:

Your essay should be around 1-2 pages in length (using 10-12 point font), in addition to any drawings you may add. Make sure it’s in an essay format, not a bullet list on presentation slides. I love your creativity there, but this is a writing assignment. I need to know you can explain yourself effectively, using college-level writing skills.

1. Write a paragraph introducing the story and controversy. (Use the lecture and other sources to get this information).

2. In the next paragraph, discuss the 2 possibilities below that could have given Santhi her male characteristics, but in the end were incorrect. Describe each possibility.

a) Klinefelter’s syndrome (non-disjunction)

b) SWYER syndrome (SRY-)

3. In the next paragraph, describe the syndrome Santhi revealed she had. What happened to her medal and to Santhi after she revealed her condition? You’ll have to do your own research on this second question (be sure to include a citation and link to any sources you use in your paper).

4. In the last paragraph, discuss what you would do in an official compacity if Santhi revealed she had AIS. Should she keep her medal? Why or why not. Should gender testing be required for female athletes (or any athlete) in international competition (see last slide in PowerPoint presentation)? You should state a clear opinion with several sentences to back up why you have this opinion. The last paragraph is your opinion. This is a complicated issue. I will not grade or judge you based on your opinion. So feel free to express your true opinion here.

Be sure to explain the various syndromes (Klinefelter, gonadal dysgenesis, AIS) in detail and correctly, maybe including pictures (you don’t need to draw them this time, take them from the presentation or internet).

You should have at least one reference cited and listed at the bottom of your essay (the one where you find out what happened to Santhi after she revealed her condition). But you may need others to help you describe the various syndromes, or to strengthen your opinion. Do not use Wikipedia as your source! You can use it to find primary sources, but do not cite the page itself.

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