Healthcare Marketing- Write a business plan for a healthcare/medical start-up idea which would operate in/from the UAE

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing question and need guidance to help me learn.

What does the company do?

What is your strategic vision?

How is it going to work at an operational level?

What are the financial forecasts for the first 3 years going to look like? (i.e., will you need
significant funding or can this be done as a shoestring startup?)

How are you going to market your start-up? Through what channels? Who are your target market?
(i.e., look to apply everything you have learnt in this module).

When writing your business plan imagine you are going to use to ‘sell’ you business idea to
potential investors. These are your target audience, and although you should include correct
referencing this is not a traditional piece of academic writing.
Your submission is a word document that clearly includes the following key headlines –
1. Executive Summary – 1 page
2. Table of Contents – 1 page
3. Explain the critical problem that the start-up attempts to solve. Include industry overview –
historical and future outlook. 
2 pages
4. Identify the factors influence the future of the start-up company in UAE. 3 pages
a. Conduct PESTLE analysis to support your answer.
b. Identify the SWOT for the start-up company.
5. Identify the key segments of relevance. Use all segmentation approaches discussed in class.
Justify the segments that you would target. 
2 pages
6. Determine the positioning strategy for the start-up company for selected target segments. 2
7. Appendix – Any other information you may provide.
MS Word. 11 pages. Word count: 3500 words.

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