Steps of making your favorite dishLearning Goal: I’m working on a writing presentation and need a sample draft to help me learn. minimum 200) (300 words max.) Ok, thanks.Got it!Thanks!  هل الاقتراحات أعلاه مفيدة؟ 2- Steps of making your favorite dish. – Presentations should be adjusted from 5 to 10 minutes in length. – This task is worth 10 points and the following rubric will be used to assess your presentation: Oral Presentation Rubric Level 3 Excellent Level 2 Good Level 1 Poor 1- Visual aids Did the learner present good visual aids? The presentation contained very organized visual aid. Which were related to the topic 2 points Very little visual aids were added Or messy or unrelated visual aid in the slide 1 point No visual aid in the slides. 0.5 points Presentation skills Did the learner plan and present his/her talk and add good quality of information in an effective and engaging way? Learner able to To present correct and Clear, interesting content inthe presentation 2 points Evidence of planning and effort in performance, the information is mostly correct but the talk lacks detail, clarity or polish in the delivery 1 point Learner has Inadequate content and/or unclear delivery shows little planning or presentation ability. adds incorrect information with errors 0.5 points 3- Pronunciation Did the learner produce individual sounds clearly and use appropriate stress and intonation? Clear pronunciation of sounds and use of stress and intonation to convey meaning 2 points Some difficulty with sounds and stress, though communication is rarely impaired 1 point Too little communication to assess 0.5 points 4- Grammar Did the learner use a good range of grammar structures accurately? A wide variety of structures used with very few errors in grammar taught at this level 2 points A variety of appropriate structures used, with some inappropriate or repetitive use of language 1 point Poor range of structures and frequent errors mean task not adequately achieved 0.5 points 5- Vocabulary Did the learner use appropriate vocabulary items accurately? A wide variety of vocabulary used with very few errors in those items taught at this level 2 points Errors in use of vocabulary are fairly frequent but do not impair communication 1 point Poor range of vocabulary and frequent errors mean task not adequately achieved 0.5 points View Any multimedia items must be viewed online

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