Create a product or service that you wish to sell to retailer or directly to consumers.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a retail management writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

  1. I already finish most part, I want to have the missing part finished especially the 6ps. I dont’ have a single source on it, and many of what i wrote aren’t supported, so i need some citation. I didn’t write 5-7 as well. I also want the format(u don’t have to fill out the course and name information) to be set up as well The doc has been attached.Thanks!
  2. 3-page typed paper; Times New Roman font, 12 point
  3. Double spaced; 1” margins; Include and introduction and conclusion.
  4. Include cover page with running head (See the APA guide on how to format the running head)
  5. Separate reference page and in text citations, if applicable (Final paper should be 4-5 pgs.)
  6. LIM college uses the APA method of writing and formatting research papers. Please review the APA guide via the LIM Library/Writing Center home page or this link: to an external site.



Create a product or service that you wish to sell to retailer or directly to consumers. Develop a retail strategy for this product or service by answering the following questions:

  1. Explain what the product or service is. Describe how it will be sold, to either retailers or directly to consumers.
  2. Create the mission statement for the product or service. Research Google’s mission statement as an example. Mission statements can be anywhere from 15 words to 6 sentences.
  3. Identify the target market. Who are you targeting to buy this product/service? What is their income, age range, gender, geographic location, etc. Why would they buy this product? (Provide support from a source)
  4. List and explain the 6 P’s of this product/service. (The most important part of this assignment, make sure you include a lot of details.) (Product, price, presentation, promotion, place & personnel)
  5. Explain thoroughly who are your primary competitors and what do they do well?
  6. What will your product/service’s competitive advantage be? Explain in detail why will this product succeed?
  7. In your company, what type of skills will your employees need to make this a success?


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