Criminal Justice PowerPoint (NEED IN 4 HOURS)

Learning Goal: I’m working on a criminal justice question and need guidance to help me learn.

As you’ve probably noticed, your Instructor prefers slides with lots of words on them and few pictures. What you do NOT want to do is fill your slideshow with all sorts of graphics, charts, or diagrams (although one, two, or three are OK). No cartoons, please, and hand-drawn pictures are OK. This is a “Construct a Hypothetically-Assigned Intelligence Analysis” assignment where you pretend you are a PROFESSIONAL ANALYST who has been assigned to look into something by a key policymaker; e.g., whether we will go to war with so-and-so or whatever your imagination comes up with. Please note that a Cover Page and a Bibliography (if any) do NOT count as part of page count. Try to produce a final product using some technique or mix of techniques, and here are some usual expected sections:

1. Precis – this is an abstract summary of the intelligence issue presented and finessed restatement of the requirements, along with a preview of what methods will be used, and a executive summary-like teaser of what your final judgement will be.
2. Issue Decomposition – this constructs the diagram or matrix containing your hypotheses, counterfactuals, or idea sets generated.
3. Facts and Sources – this is your collection plan, and you can assume anything you need is collected or collectable thru SIGINT, COMINT, HUMINT, OSINT, etc., but any far out stuff might need a Gap Analysis. Show you know something about source reliability.
4. Analytical Product – These are the matrix, charts, graphs, or other visualizations (of your choice) relevant to your method and demonstrating you know how to do analysis.
5. Denial and Deception – this is your Counterintelligence or Deception plan, or if you are suggesting something tactical and operational, your expectations of what can go wrong.

6. Conclusions and Recommendations – This is your final judgement (an estimation or prediction). It’s safe to write almost anything here if you’ve done the previous sections well. Don’t be overly proud of yourself. Present an alternative analytic approach. Avoid policymaking. Consider a FAQ page.


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