Writing Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing project and need support to help me learn.

How will you apply key learnings from this course to your own life, work, family and or relationships? Be specific and address at least three major learnings and apply them to action and yourself. 4 to 5 pages
Reflective and college level writing
Consolidate paper around key learnings using clear headings and topics
APA format required and give credit where credit is due, headings, page numbers, and title or titles. Organize paper with clear key learnings and how you will apply key learnings. No need for abstract or title page.

3 . Individual presentation
topic : social construction of gender

Individual Presentation:
Each student will select an appropriate and academic concept from text and present a presentation that is connected to the text and outside resources. Students will present in three to five PowerPoint slides. Slides should include images, a powerful quote and clearly define concept. You will be graded on how clear, correct, and clever their presentation is. Students will also be required to complete a basic outline of their presentation and include a work cited. The outline is a brief overview of the main components of the presentation and research conducted and must include a work cited or bibliography. Outline should be turned in before presentation on blackboard. The time limit for the presentation will be three to five minutes. Please present and review only academic material.

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