SHORT Blog Post

Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

You will post on your blog related to the course material for that week. Your

blogs should include links, research references, original analysis, and questions/insights to spark
discussion. Use ONLY the following references: The attached PDF Article

Niehaus, I. (2013). KURU, AIDS, AND WITCHCRAFT: Reconfiguring culpability in melanesia and africa. Social Analysis, 57(3), 25-41. doi:

1. The blog should reference course readings, films, and lectures. Failure to apply course
materials that are relevant to your subject will cost points in your grade.
2. Blogs should include material from outside the course. Links from the web, articles you have
discovered, graphics, cartoons, pictures, any sourcing which makes the blog more insightful and
interesting as well as being related to the course readings.
3. You should make sure that you reference the relevant course readings, class discussions and
considerations which have bearing on your chosen subject
4. Your blogs will be graded on thorough engagement with the subject matter, quality of research
and links provided, layout and comprehension of writing, and quality of responses to comments.
5. Blog lengths are variable, however, simply posting a link or picture with no explanation or
discussion will not constitute a complete post. In general, posts should be several paragraphs in
length, though they may not be laid out in paragraph format.

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