Policy Proposal:Second chance Act

Be sure to identify the policy you are analyzing, its full name, and the date it was established.
Follow the outline provided and use the headings for each section. Your grade is based on thoroughness and
quality of content, rigor of research, and writing and organization of the paper.
Problem Analysis
• Clearly define the problem that the policy was created to address
• Who is impacted by the social problem and the scope of the problem?
• Provide a demographic analysis (race, ethnicity, gender, age, etc.) of who was/is affected by these issues or
lack of policy to address these problems.
• The cause (conditions that cause the problem) and consequences of the problem (how it affects people);
• The ideology and values that have shaped this as a social problem.
• Consider the differential impact of the problem on people of color, women, or other disenfranchised
groups. Be sure to provide data based on your research that documents the scope of the problem and its
impact on various groups.
The Legislative History and Political Process through which your chosen piece of legislation was developed.
• When and how was the policy was proposed;
• Who proposed it and why? Who opposed it and why? Were there any controversial issues involved?
• What were the economic, social, political and cultural factors that hindered or facilitated the passage of
the legislation?;
• What compromises, if any, occurred to facilitate passage and/or limit the scope of the legislation. Were
any other alternative policies proposed?
• Any amendments, reauthorizations or other additions to the policy? Please be sure to include these (For
example Violence against Women Act went through many reauthorizations or the Mental Health Parity Act
of 1996 was developed incrementally and added key provisions). Why they were added?
The Core Values on which the policy is based
• What values and goals drive this policy?
• The underlying theory and assumptions of the policy approach
• Include a discussion of how the policy addresses (or does not address) racial and gender equity, equality,
equity, adequacy, human rights, and social justice issues regarding this policy.
Write a brief conclusion that summarizes the main points and demonstrates your analysis/thinking about
this policy.

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