Slave Narrative (My Life)

You will then write your own slave narratives as a slave from the region of Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, North/South Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi, researching for historical accuracy and incorporating elements of the slave narrative genre to demonstrate understanding. Your slave narrative will actively reflect experiences encountered while escaping from slavery. This assignment is worth thirty-five points.

  1. Discuss entries found in a diary: events (big and small–community, family and personal), emotional responses, thoughts, questions, goals, dreams, plans. Please note that a diary is usually very personal, and therefore presents the personality of the writer.
  2. Create a “slave persona” for yourself and include the following:
    • Name, gender, age
    • What kind of a household you live in
    • What kind of a person or family owns you
    • What kind of work you are expected to do
    • Any relatives you may have–do you live with those relatives?
    • Anything else that might be important
  3. Be sure to address the event/circumstances surrounding your escape and process.
  4. Must be three pages typed single-spaced with Times New Roman font.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • Be introduced to slave narratives, an influential genre in American literature.
  • Recognize and analyze the characteristics of slave narratives.
  • Gain a more historically accurate understanding of slavery.
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