2 Humanity discussions

First Discussion – 100 words –

Dear Writer, please write a response Article:http://cmsw.mit.edu/angles/2016/edible-magic/

📋 MAIN DETAILS:1. Choose one line from the assigned reading that you feel is an example of a craft technique that you have learned. Quote the line directly using quotation marks. Double space. On the next line discuss why you feel that line best exemplified that particular aspect of craft.2. Your response to part I. should be 12 points in New Times Roman Font. Specificity is the key. The limited word count is designed to get you to think of the precision of your language and focus on important details. List the word count at the bottom. Note, the quote is not part of your word count.📎 ATTACHED:- task and example

No outside sources besides the article for this discussion.

Second Discussion – 450 words

Colonizing the Americas. In this essay/discussion, you will explain the settling of the Americas by European colonists.

  • How did religion influence each colony?
  • • How did some colonies become wealthy?
  • • What were some of the dangers colonists faced as the population expanded?
  • • How did slavery develop in the colonies?
  • • How did Native Americans respond to the colonists
  • Make sure you mention the various people and events within your essay: Nathaniel Bacon, William Berkeley, John Locke, William Penn, Bacon’s Rebellion, King Philip, Navigation Acts, QuakersRedemptioners, Glorious Revolution
  • For this discussion use only one appropriate outside source
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