Alum Counselor Interview Reflection

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Reflection Paper Guidelines:

In addition to offer a real-life orientation to role, this paper offers experience writing in basic APA 7th formatThis paper should be approximately four to six pages in length and written in a professional tone. This assignment requires a cover page, but not an abstract or reference page. Use APA format and heading levels, as well as Times New Roman 12 font.



Students may find this link to the Purdue Owl sample student paper useful. Purdue Owl Sample APA 7th

Topical areas of focus (and their corresponding heading titles) should include:

Introduction (note that in your paper – you use the paper title as your heading rather than the word ‘introduction’ – see the Owl sample above)

Provide a brief overview of the paper to come. Give your reader a preview of what this paper will discuss.

Interviewee and their Counseling Setting

Offer a brief introduction to your interviewee and current practice and setting.

At end of this section reflect, what do you hope your worsetting will look like in comparison with this one? Note if your interview is virtual, ask your interviewee to describe their office space

Nature of Counseling Practice

more detailed description of their practice, primary population served, and areas of specialty or special interest

Discussion of collaboration with other mental health professionals; use of community connections and resources.

What do they see as the greatest challenges and rewards of their work?

At end of this section – reflect, how does hearing this impact your thoughts about your own future practice?

Professional Credentials and Affiliation with Counseling Professional Associations

Discuss your interviewee’s licensure/certification; whether they personally are members of their professional association and whether they’d encourage it for you as a student.

Role of Ethics in Practice

Ask your interviewee how ethics comes into play in their day to day counseling practice. What are important things they’ve learned and think you should know?

At the end of this section reflect on your own response to the prospect of future ethical challenges or obligations

Advice for Success in the USJ Program and Beyond

Your interviewee sat in your seats as students. Ask them for their advice regarding how you can be most successful in the program and beyond.


Finish your paper with a conclusion section that shares your most important insights and discusses the value of this experience overall in preparing you for future practice

Please reduce the amount of sub-heading,3-4 including introduction and conclusion.

please use link to help if needed.

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