Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Learning Goal: I’m working on a geology question and need guidance to help me learn.

For each question, choose the geologically safest place to build your houseIn a few sentences, talking about the Volcanic or Earthquake hazards, explain why one choice is safer than the other.(4 pts each)

1. Close to a Subduction Zone (Convergent Plate Boundary) or a Transform Fault (Strike-Slip Fault).

2. Close to a Stratovolcano (Composite Volcano) or a Shield Volcano.

3. Close to a Volcano with Felsic Magma or a Volcano with Mafic Magma.

4. On loose sediment in an area that gets Earthquakes or on solid rock in an area that gets Earthquakes.

5. On the Big Island of Hawaii or in downtown San Diego near the Rose Canyon Fault. (There is no ‘right’ choice for this one. It’s a matter of preference but explain how you decide.)

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