King Canute

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Read “King Canute on the Seashore (see attachment) Then, compose a 200-word (minimum) journal response (in essay format) that includes what is morally instructive about the advice King Canute gave to his officers in the reading. Make sure to use King Canute’s name in your response, and include how you interpret King Canute’s advice that “There is only one king is all-powerful; and it is he who rules the sea, and holds the ocean in the hollow of his hand. It is he whom you ought to praise and serve above all others.”

Assignment Requirements:
Make sure to use King Canute’s name in your response
The instructor has already read “King Canute on the Seashore,” so do not simply re-tell the account. This is not a synopsis assignment.
Any quotations used in your response will not be considered as part of the word count requirement.
Formatting Requirements:
Include an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph.
Each paragraph should contain an introductory sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.
Use your own creative title.
Center the title directly over the first paragraph.

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