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1- No theft, no match please.

2-You can find the instructions inside the document

3- Please write a paper in the document

4- Write a report on whatever you use to research and what you write in a different document because we will discuss it separately in class

Write at least 4 references using the APA style.


Please use simple language

Put the in-text quote in each.

Additions within the document.

Steps to conduct the activity in the sixth interactive week Choose one of the following cases, then analyze the cases into questions and problems. Case A: Chapter 15 (8 and 9) and Chapter 16 (7) in Dynamic Business Law Case B: Chapter 15 (6 and 7) and Chapter 16 (9) in Dynamic Business Law For each case assigned, write a case analysis based on these criteria Next: Determining the parties involved in the case dispute (who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant). Identify the facts associated with the case and the patterns of facts. Develop the appropriate legal case(s) involved (ie, the specific legal issue between the parties). Make a judgment about who should win the case – be clear. Support your decision with the appropriate rule of law. Be prepared to defend your decision and to evaluate other points of view objectively. Classification criteria

6.2 Action Required:

Tim Liu founded PentaValley Car Rentals six years ago. He started as a sole trader with only three cars. His company now employs 33 people and has a fleet of 2,000 vehicles. Tim is the CEO. He has four fellow directors. They are responsible for financing, vehicle repair, marketing and management. The last role includes handling all recruitment matters. The financial director has three assistant accountants. The manager in charge of vehicle repair has two supervisors who report to him – one for the day and one for the night shift. They each have six mechanics working under them. The marketing department has four people – one sales manager and three junior sales assistants. The department has six office staff who take all reservations and are accountable to the office supervisor who is under the direct control of the manager.

This kind of structure has served the business well, but Tim is concerned about the impact of further expansion on the organization. In particular, he plans to develop two projects – one that will include leasing trucks to other companies and the other that will establish a new office in another country.

6.3 Test your knowledge (question):

Draw the current organizational structure of Penta Valley Cars Ltd. Include all employees on your graph.

Do you think the current structure is suitable for business? Give reasons for your answer

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