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Elkind, D. (1964). Piaget’s Semi-Clinical Interview and the Study of Spontaneous Religion. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 4(1), 40–47. https://doi.org/10.2307/1385202

David Elkind @ Child Study Center @ University of Denver 1964

Using Piaget’s Semi-Clinical Interview to Study Spontaneous Religion in Children

Acquired VS. Spontaneous Religion =


Semi-Clinical Interview =  _____________________________________ + ______________________________________________

Formulating interview questions:

–only requirement =


Interview technique:  Good preparation = _____________________________ because ___________________________________________

Interpreting Results of Questions: VALIDITY (measure what supposed to measure?)
Random = Romancing =




conviction =


Conviction =


Conviction =






How differentiate these

 two responses from others:


Schemas =



Gradual evolution =



Counter suggestion =





Interpreting Results: RELIABILITY
Test-Retest Reliability = Interrater Reliability =






Elkind’s sample:

Again, criteria for meeting Liberated or Spontaneous conviction classification:


Six novel questions re: their denomination:

  1. Is you family . . . ?

Are you . . . ?

Are all boys & girls in the world . . . ?

  1. Can a dog or cat be . . . ?
  2. How do you become a . . . ?
  3. What is a . . . ?
  4. How can you tell someone is a . . . ?
  5. Can you be a ________ and an American at the same time?

Questions a, b, & e assess = child’s understanding of EXTENSION of concept

(groups to which applied & external indicators)

Questions c & d assess = child’s grasp of the INTENSION of concept

(i.e. properties distinguishing grp members)

Question f assess = child’s understding of multi-group membership



Stage ONE (5-7 yrs):

Understand denomination name as global, undifferentiated concept (just proper noun name)


Stage TWO (7-9 yrs):

Understand denomination as concretely differentiated by observable features/actions

(by behavior, objects, practices)


Stage THREE (10-12 yrs):

Understand denomination as abstract, differentiated concept based on non-observable mental attributes (beliefs, cognitions)


Identify & explain dilemma of research on religion

(as described by editorial comment by Dittes):

















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