journal entry- business marketing


Throughout this course, you will become familiar with the Excelsior Career Readiness Center resources for students and how they can help you plan and actualize your future career and professional goals. Begin by going to the Career Readiness Center page, Links to an external site.scrolling down to “Phase 4: Achieve & Accomplish,” and reviewing the links there. If you are a military servicemember or veteran, make sure to click on the tab “Military and Veteran Resources” for additional options.

Choose at least two of the linked resources in Phase 4 to explore and then reflect upon. You can choose whatever is most useful for you and your career plans.

Then, read How a master’s degree can change your lifeLinks to an external site. by the Dean of Excelsior’s Graduate School Dr. Scott Dolan, and explore the Excelsior Graduate Degree ProgramsLinks to an external site. page.

Consider the following as jumping-off questions (you do not need to answer each one in turn). Then, reflect on what you explored and discovered in a journal entry of approximately 1-2 paragraphs (100-250 words).

  • Which resources did you explore in this phase and why? What did you learn about the job search, graduate school, and/or salary negotiation?
  • How do you think a graduate degree could impact your career plans and life?
  • Do you plan to go to graduate school after finishing your bachelor’s degree? If so, what degree and when? What actionable steps can you take now to have the information you need about graduate school when you are ready?


Reflect on what you learned about the methodologies and competencies of the disciplines of the liberal arts in the Module 5 Presentation Part I. Read the article Yes, employers do value liberal arts degrees Links to an external site. and reflect on the BSL program outcomes provided below:

  • PO1: Articulate complex concepts to a targeted audience in written and oral form. (Aligns to GECC1.1-1.2)
  • PO2: Analyze the influence of cultural diversity when addressing global issues.
  • PO3: Collaborate within a team to solve interdisciplinary problems or achieve a common goal.
  • PO4: Evaluate perspectives of an ethical dilemma and present evidence-based solutions.
  • PO5: Develop a plan that integrates academic and professional experiences for achieving career goals. (Aligns to GECC7.1-7.2)

Then, consider the following as jumping-off questions (you do not need to answer each one in turn). Then, reflect on the value of the liberal arts in your career field in a journal entry of approximately 1-2 paragraphs (100-250 words).

  • How will the competencies of the liberal arts, and specifically the outcomes of your BSL degree, make you a better employee in your current or future career field?
  • Which disciplines of the liberal arts did you find the most engaging and useful? What skills and competencies did you hone through these educational experiences?
  • Is the goal of a liberal arts education solely about career relevance? What other benefits has a liberal arts education had in your life so far? Can you think of an educational experience that was particularly meaningful to you on a personal level? Why?

You should include at least one outside source as evidence to support your points. Make sure to cite it appropriately in APA format.

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