Geography Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a geography case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

This paper will have a cover page,table of contents,page numbers and citations using M.L.A.Citations will be in text and end of text. Expected length 10 pages,with 1.5 spacing.The 10 pages are of content..and the cover page,table of contents and citations are extra

Describe the location of your country, geography and climate.

Give a one paragraph summary of its history

Is this a mono or multicultural society?

Is it a High (Complex) culture or Low (Simple) culture?

Describe the characteristics of your population

(Do a demographic profile)

Brief history of the development of culture in the country


Level of literacy

System of education

Foods eaten

Traditions, Rituals,

Attitudes, values, beliefs

Religions followed

Political and Legal systems

Art, Music, Literature


What are the dominant aspects of culture?

How might the culture of this country impact the preparation of a business plan to export a product to the country. Make a list of key points with an explanatory note

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