5 accounting questions

Learning Goal: I’m working on a accounting question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Q1. a. Globalization demands a single set of high-quality international accounting standards. Explain at least 5 elements that demands a single set of high-quality international accounting standards. (Mark 1)

b. Name the two major organizations that sets standards and explain the due processes of setting a new accounting standard? Please write one paragraph. (Mark 1)

Q2. An adjusting journal entry is typically made just prior to issuing a company’s financial statements. What do you understand by adjusting entries? Give examples (Marks 2)


Q3. Presented below is information related to CHO Co. for the month of January 2018.


Cost of Goods Sold 202,000 Salary expense 61,000
Freight-out 7,000 Sales discount 8,000
Insurance expense 12,000 Sales returns and allowances 13,000
Rent expense 20,000 Sales 340,000
Dividends 1,000    


Instructions: Prepare the closing entries. (Marks 4)

Q4. The retained earnings statement of XYZ Corporation on 31st December 2021 had the following balances:

Balance, January 1 SAR 165,000
Net income 35,000
Dividends (20,000)
Balance, December 31 $ 180,000


However, before issuing the report for the year ended December 31, 2021, it discover a SAR 20,000 error undervalued inventory that overstated the net income to be higher in 2020 and overvalued depreciation amount of $5,000 which understated net income in 2020. How would this discovery have an impact on the reporting of the Statement of Retained Earnings for 2021? ? (Marks 3)


Q5. a. Presented below is the adjusted trial balance of Abdullah Corporation at December 31, 2020.

Accounts Payable 10,000

Wages Payable 500

Unearned Service Revenue 2,000

Bonds Payable, due 2017 9,000

Share Capital – Ordinary 10,000

Share premium 2000

Retained Earnings 20,000

Net loss 2500

Required: Prepare a classified section on Equity and Liabilities. (Marks 3)

b. What are the requirements of IFRS for a complete set of financial statements be presented annually? (Mark 1)

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