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First Paper for Philosophy and Religion

This semester, we have looked at Greek myth as expressed in Hesiod’s Works and Days and The Theogony. We began by defining myth as a culturally significant story, true or not, that explains or signifies something. For your first paper, I would like you to select one of the myths or mythic figures listed below that appears in the texts we have read and to write a brief (about 1000 words) that includes:

  1. A brief synopsis of the myth or mythic figure. Your audience (myself) likely knows the myth already, so keep your synopsis short (one paragraph) and use it to focus your paper on the particular aspect of the myth you are going to write about. Begin with the mythic material in the assigned work Hesiod cited with a citation with chapter, verse, and page number.
  2. A short analysis of the importance of the myth in the context of the literary work you are considering. What is the role of Iris? Why is Pandora so important in the context of Hesiod’s Works and Days? Be specific and indicate particular references to the myth with a citation with chapter, verse, and page.
  3. Include your view on what the meaning of the myth is. Why is this story or figure of importance to the audience of the work? What is the cultural significance of the myth?


Possible topics


I have listed possible topics below. I have tried to focus on myths that appear in the texts but that we have not discussed extensively in class.

I would consider other topics, but please write me first.






Mother Night (Nyx)




Fate (Moirai)


Dawn (Eos)


The West Wind (Zephyros)











Please make sure that your paper is compliant with our policy on plagiarism as described in the syllabus. Proofread your paper carefully and make sure that your paper is adequately notated with footnotes. I will give full credit to papers that meet these requirements and include additional, reliable, outside sources (e.g. material from academic journals as found in JSTOR (library/ databases/…J) and other databases). A good thousand words!  Due Date: 10/08/20 it must be in by the end of the day.


This is not a personal essay.

Send it by email As a Word Document.

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