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Primary Source Lab 5



Instructions: read the document packet as instructed and answer the following questions. Most answers will require several sentences to completely answer. Make sure to be as detailed and specific as possible in your responses on the Worksheet.


*1 Read Document, “Returning Soldiers (1919),” and answer the following questions.


According the Du Bois, what hypocrisies in American life were made clear by African American participation in World War I?


















How would you feel if you were a Black veteran returning to the US South from France in 1919?

















*2 Read Document, “The Case against the Reds (1920),” and answer the following questions.


What crimes did Palmer accuse communists of committing?













How did Palmer address the legal rights of aliens?


















What do you think would be the public response to such a statement today?












*3 Read Document, “The Flappers of the 1920s: Debating Bobbed Hair,” and answer the following questions.


Which of the two women here presents the more convincing argument and why?



















How are the words “progressive” and “conservative” being used by the women you read, and what are those words meant imply in this context?























*4 Read Document, “The Great Black Migration,” and answer the following questions


According to these accounts, what role did racial discrimination play in encouraging Black Southerners to move North?














Describe some of the economic hardships faced by Black Southerners.















Why might Southern elites have wanted Black people to remain in the South?














*5 Read Document, “Enter the New Negro,” and answer the following questions.


What did Locke mean by the “Old Negro” sensibility? How was the “New Negro” a departure from that sensibility?



















In what ways did Locke see the flowing of African American culture as aiding the larger quest for civil rights and social equality?

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