Computer Science Question

Technology Solutions

Technology One: Wireless, Mobile Computing, and Mobile Commerce

Wireless, mobile computing and mobile commerce really does fulfill the technology requirements of our business. This technology allows our business to grow and connect with customers who are in all areas of the world. It will also allow for the integration of online shopping. This allows customers to shop on-demand using their cell phone, tablet or even a laptop. These customers will get the full experience; just as a customer who would enter the store. Customers can check inventory of an item they may be interested in; just as if they were in the store asking an employee. Customers can place and process orders online. After placing an order, customers can edit their order, check order status and track their shipment. The integration of this technology will increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Technology Two: Social Computing

Social computing fulfills the technology requirements because it allows our business to grow and connect with not only our customers but our employees on a more personal level. This solution empowers and gives employees the drive needed to create positive benefits such as staff and customer cooperation, online shopping, management of our customer information and provide reporting for our business as well. Social computing allows our company to get closer to our customers. Surveys, contests, and interaction from employees to customers allows us to learn more about what our customers are looking for and how they are perceiving your business. The CRM is enhanced allowing our business to reply in a timely manner to issues or concerns of the customer as well as, allow our business to view public opinion.


Technology Solution

The solution that I believe more appropriate for our business would be Wireless, Mobile Computing and Mobile Commerce. This technology solution encompasses social computing a slight bit; however, the focus is on the experience customers will have when visiting our business online. This solution will allow us to increase our sales while also gaining new customers; thanks to having more of an online presence. Customer opinions, ratings and reviews are most important for our online presence, especially in this age of technology.

Overall Benefit

The overall benefits of Wireless, mobile commuting and Mobile Commerce will allow our employees on the go capabilities and will allow a more efficient and pleasant shopping experience for our customers. This solution will take our business to the next level and allow us to connect with millions of people around the world. Our employees will work more efficiently using this technology; allowing them to access and edit customer information and orders, real-time access to our inventory and communicate with other employees. The mobile purchasing is also what will allow our sales to thrive. This solution will allow our customers to shop from home, their doctor office or even on vacation. Customers like quick and easy; online purchasing reduces the store lines and frustration of not finding what you need. Being able to shop online will allow our customers to visually see color, size and inventory of what they are looking for, right at their fingertips. This solution will allow our business to grow exponentially!

Decision matrix


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