Innovation, Technology, And Legal Issues In Nursing

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Part1: Unit 3 Writing Assignment: Political Topic Pro/Con Paper

The purpose of this signature assignment is to identify, research, assess the positive and negative points of a pre-approved Texas Government topic, pick a side, and explain your reasoning for your position.

Your task is also to provide accurate information that backs up both sides of the issue and your final argument. Thus, you will need to critically evaluate the sources used in your essay as authoritative, reliable, relevant, and appropriate.

Format for the Assignment

  1. Explain why or how the topic you chose is important in the broader discussion of civic responsibility. For example, why generally did you think this topic was important to choose and how does it relate to civic engagement and social responsibility?
  2. Include and analyze three cons on the issue chosen.
  3. Include and analyze three pros on the issue chosen.
  4. Include your final position on the issue by explaining your logic and reasoning, using specific examples.
  5. In your conclusion also give the context, effects, or results of your conclusion. For example, how would your position impact society, politics, and/or the government of Texas for the better? Would your position help all individuals in Texas, or would there be advantaged and disadvantaged stakeholders? Is the outcome therefore acceptable and why?
  6. The Technical Requirements

    1. Assignment should be between 750 – 1000 words. Headers/footers, references, and your name will not be included in the word count when grading.
    2. Use a minimum of three peer reviewed references and provide a reference page. The reference page will not be included in the word count for grading. Have questions on how to find peer reviewed articles?
    3. Use MLA formatting. Have questions on MLA style and citations?
    4. Use 12 Point, Times New Roman or Arial Font.
    5. Use 1-inch margins and double spacing.
    6. Edit your paper for correct spelling and grammar.

    List of Approved Topics Choose from the list of approved topics below which identifies highly complex political problems, questions, or issues in Texas politics and government.

    1. Free Higher Education and/or Student Loan Debt Forgiveness
    2. Private Prisons and/or Private Policing
    3. Gun Control (ex. Campus Carry and Constitutional (Permitless) Carry)
    4. Medical and Recreational Marijuana and/or Legalization of all Drugs
    5. Minimum Wage and/or Universal Basic Income
    6. Felons’ Voting Rights and/or Felons’ Eligibility to Run for Office
    7. Term Limits for Elected Officials and/or Campaign Finance Reform
    8. Voting by Mail and Online and/or Voter Registration
    9. Amendments/Revision of the Texas Constitution
    10. Social Media’s Impact on Government and One’s Social Responsibility
    11. A More Powerful Texas Governor and/or Weaker Lt. Governor
    12. Local Governments Exerting More Control Over Policy (examples: voting, sanctuary cities, abortion, etc…)

    The rules: Remember, this needs to be at least 750 to 1000 words of solid, thoughtful material in order to even be considered for full credit. Students receiving full credit usually turn in papers of at least 1200 words.

  7. Do not put a heading at the top of your paper, as it does not count towards your page minimum. I know my name, the class and the date, and Canvas tells me your name. If you have a title you want to put up there then please do, but then start writing.
  8. All submissions must be double-spaced, with normal margins and a 12-point font..
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