Module 3 Discussion

Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer science discussion question and need support to help me learn.

Area 1: Algebraic Laws of Propositional Logic

The Lecture Notes given for this module provides a list of logical equivalences and call them “algebraic laws” of the propositional logic. Why call them like that?

Area 2: Semantic Tableaux

What is a semantic tableau and what is an advantage of using it to determine if a formula is satisfiable?

” I expect you to provide one quality post in each area (that is, four posts in total for the module). Do not create other areas; all of the class posts are expected to lie within these four areas.The objective here is to explore and discuss on the subject under study in this module, based on the given readings. I have posed several initial questions in each area to guide the discussions, but note that they are only a starting point; you are expected to go beyond that, and enrich the forum with your own findings obtained from the reading and research in these areas.”

  • ******Minimum 200 words per area response, please refer to module lecture/notes pdf attached.******
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