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Professionals (e.g. lawyers, accountants, consultants) are sometimes hired at Y ork to teach a course for a stipend (e.g. $8000). Are they employees or independent contractors?



HRM 3422 INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Week 3 Legal Environment Outline Preliminary Issues ⚫ Federal or Provincial Jurisdiction? ⚫ Who’s an “Employee”? Three Legal Regimes: ⚫ Common Law of Employment  Applies to individual employment contracts in the absence of legislation  Inferred from past court cases (i.e. legal jurisprudence) ⚫ Statutory Law  Legislation that applies to all employees, both union and nonunion ⚫ Ontario Human Rights Code (HRC), ⚫ Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA) ⚫ Collective Bargaining Legislation (studied in next section)  Applies to unionized employees ⚫ Ontario Labour Relations Act (OLRA). 2 Federal vs Provincial Jurisdiction: BNA Act ⚫ Sections 91 & 92 of the Constitution Act (1981) divide responsibility between federal and provincial governments.  Based on the British North America Act of 1867 (BNA
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