Music History Appreciation

Learning Goal: I’m working on a music multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Read the list of duties Bach was required to fulfill for his job in Leipzig, then answer the questions. Copy and paste the list of questions, then reply below each one so we see the connection between the question and your response. There is not a minimum word count, but you are expected to demonstrate that you studied the PDF and gave thoughtful reflection.

  1. Describe one or two of the listed duties that stand out to you as surprising or unexpected.
  2. List some conditions our society believes someone living now would need to thrive creatively.
  3. We regard Bach as a creative and productive artist, both as a composer and performer, but these job requirements list time-consuming teaching duties and restrictive personal conduct. What can we learn about creativity and the creative process from Bach’s experience and musical output?
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