Entrepreneurship – dissection 1-2

Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics spreadsheet and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Data on its own is not very useful or informative, unless you apply organization and structure. Once the data is structured, it can then be used to tell a story or provide information that can be used to inform decisions. What information or story is told depends on many factors, but mostly relies on what you want to know.

Two data sets are provided in this week’s content: Social Climbers.xlsx and Artsy Lawsuit.xslx. Use these data sets to perform the following tasks within the spreadsheets:

Social Climbers

– Compare the data to determine where relationships may exist. For example, you may ask if there is a relationship between education and income levels. Perform at least four different data comparisons.

– Provide an explanation based on your comparison results. Where do relationships exist and where do they not exist, according to the data?

Artsy Lawsuit

– The story behind these data comes from a discrimination lawsuit filed, accusing the Artsy company of improper hiring processes and employment pay between men and women. Your task is to use these data to determine if the plaintiffs have a valid or strong case, which would then be presented in court to a jury.

– Use basic statistical analysis to compare the data.

In both of these data sets, you may choose to use the tools below or any others you feel are appropriate to tell the story and interpret the data. Not all tests are applicable for all data sets. It depends on the types of data and what you want to know:

– Mean, median, mode

– Quartiles

– Pivot tables

– Regression

– T-tests

– Time series

– Graphs, plots

Submit your results and explanations within the spreadsheets

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