brief overview of the business process

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.


The group project will be about modeling and improving a business process. Choose a process
that you are familiar with from a real-life or fictitious situation. For example, one of your team
members can suggest a process from within their company that needs improvement, and you can
choose this process for your group project. The process needs to be from the business perspective
– For example, let’s say you would like to model the process of “A customer buying a burger.”
The process needs to be modeled from the business perspective of “Taking the customer’s order.”
(Customer’s perspective would just be placing the order and waiting! – And, our focus is not on
this perspective.)For this deliverable, please provide a brief overview of the business process you have selected for the group project. Also, explain why this process is important for an organization/the organization you have chosen to study it in. Expected length is about 100 words total.

 Include a title page with names of the team members, name of the organization, name of
process, and title of your report.

Business Process Information benefit/insurance invoices process.The process was to have a list of benefit/insurance vendors for each client. The client would need to send us the invoice monthly so we could reconcile. Definitely room for improvement since they would never send them on time, some were mailed, and some they would never send so we could not use our payroll reports to reconcile against the invoice.…

Information for the title page :

Group Members

Tyre Fant

Rachel Fielding

Noah Guillermo

Maddy Homan

Herrisha Morris

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