writing about behavior

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Answer each of the following questions with no fewer than five sentences (25 sentences for the entire response).

1. Give a brief summary of a behavior you want to emphasize this semester. Please explain your personal opinion of the activity or drug you have chosen, as well as how society perceives it. How do persons who struggle with the harmful behavior you have chosen feel about themselves and the world around them?

2. List a few probable advantages and drawbacks of the behavior, and discuss them? How do these effects affect the person and those around them (such as family, friends, the community, etc.)?

3. A plan with workable tasks and objectives is useful when trying to change a behavior. Create a behavior strategy to assist in achieving a specific objective. The objective must be practical and reachable. For the Personal Wellness Paper, specify daily, weekly, and monthly goals and keep track of them. Give specific assignments to foster habit change.

4. What obstacles could you possibly face while participating in this experience? Please offer a “recovery plan” for these obstacles, outlining the steps you would take to keep moving forward toward your goal. What mechanisms would you employ to preserve a behavioral change? (e.g., friends, contingencies, family, etc.).

5. How could your surroundings be affected by this shift in behavior? Do you think this plan will alter your friendships or support networks? If not, why not? What aspects of your lifestyle might this strategy alter?

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