Computer Networks IT351

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4- Write a report on whatever you use to research and what you write in a different document because we will discuss it separately in class

Write at least 6- references using the APA style.


Please use simple language

Put the in-text quote in each.

Additions within the document

There are four networks with 10 devices. They can be placed on the network using different topologies such as mesh, bus, ring, and star topology. What is the number of links required for a mesh, bus, ring, and star topology?

What are the differences between circuit switching and packet switching?

Write the name of layers of the TCP/IP protocol which are involved in the following responsibilities:

a. Providing message communication

b. Receiving the bits and transforming them into signal

c. Sending segment or user datagram

d. Routing

  • Using the provided network, what are the consequences if a connection fails in:
  • The router
  • Host C
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