Choose company, analyze information & Financial Ratios Analysis

A. Select Company and Upload Financial Statements

  1. Select a listed company and input company name and corporate governance variables (ethics) in an excel sheet formatted as presented and discussed in class . Completed excel workbook with the company’s downloaded financial statements should be uploaded to Canvas by due date.
  2. Select a comparable company to reflect a comparison (e.g. Coca-Cola & Pepsi)
  3. Expand on and defend why your company? Prepare a 1 page defense of why students should choose your company.

Additional information: choose a listed company making sure that you can download statements and annual reports from (Links to an external site.), including the annual report. Best to avoid financial firms, utilities, or conglomerates. The firm chosen by each student will be periodically reviewed in class including updated share price movements and causal factors.

Please do not choose financial firms, utilities, or conglomerates.

Part 2

  1. Complete the Excel sheet on Canvas with the designated ratios and upload the workbook showing ratio calculations

..\Assignments\Assignment 2 Instructions Fin Ratios.docx &

..\Assignments\Assignment 2 Financial Ratios.xlsx.

We will review the completed sheets and discuss their implications in class.

  1. Determine the meaning and implications of the key ratios from your company and why they are material to the performance of the company

Additional information: Copy Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Shareholders’ Equity into new tabs labeled as Income Statement Ratios, Balance Sheet ratios, and Shareholders’ Equity ratios. Compute the ratios shown in the sample document.

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