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Learning Goal: I’m working on a artificial intelligence discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Question 1:

A robot is capable of delivering parcels from one location to another location. To describe the environment of the robot, we introduce the following predicates:

robot_at(l): the robot is located at location l.

parcel_at(p,l): the parcel is located at location l.

handfree: the robot does not hold any parcel.

holding(p): the robot is holding parcel p.

The robot can perform three actions: GrabGoto and Drop. The following table provides the STRIP specification of the actions:

Actions Grab(p) Goto(l1,l2) Drop(p)
Preconditions robot_at(l), parcel_at(p, l)


robot_at(l1) holding(p) robot_at(l)
Add list holding(p) robot_at(l2) parcel_at(p,l)


Delete list parcel_at(p,l)handfree robot_at(l1) holding(p)

Assume that the initial state of environment is:

robot_at(l1), parcel_at(p1, l1), parcel_at(p2, l1), handfree


the goal of the robot is:

parcel_at (p1,l2), parcel_at (p2,l2), robot_at(l1).


Generate a run that brings the initial state to the goal states (10%). Depict the details of state transformation alone the run by indicating what facts are added and what facts are deleted after each action that is performed (10%)1.

Question 2 :


Download the GDL description for Eight Puzzle (eightPuzzle.txt). Read the description and answer the following questions:

  • According to the game description, write the initial states of the game.
  • According to the game description, write the goal states of the game (i.e., the states with goal value 100)?
  • According to the game description, what are the possible actions “you” as a robot can take (legal actions)?
  • Write action descriptions in STRIPS.
  • Define a utility function (over states) for a game player (or called heuristic function) .
  • Assume that the initial state changes to
1 3
4 2 5
7 8 6

Write a plan for the robot to achieve its goal.


In case of formating problems, Please see the word file.

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