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Laura Diaz

Health information technology presents numerous opportunities for improving and transforming healthcare which includes; reducing human errors, improving clinical outcomes, facilitating care coordination, improving practice efficiencies, and tracking data over time. Technology plays an important role in nursing practice and education, research, and management. Health informatics an important part of care coordination in nursing (Šendelj, 2020). It helps to track staffing, communication, and workflow and helps the nurse to identify different needs. Nurse informatics focuses on the best patient outcome. They involve in process design, clinical workflow, treatment, and new diagnosis. They provide training for staff and consult and resolve the problem. They reduce medical error and improve quality care through EHR implementation. Their useful interaction between teams, individual, patient, and various department ensure excellent continuity of care. Nurses are the professionals who have to interact with each medical professionals based on the patient care like for example – doctors, pharmacist, dietician, laboratory assistant etc. Appointing them as the informatics specialist is one of the best options as they have good interaction with other medical professionals and having a good repo will help them in implementing the new informatics approach in between other professionals. It would be easy for them to communicate the purpose, aims etc. of the new initiative done. Also, for other professionals also it would be easy to learn and clear their doubts. Evolution of nursing informatics as a speciality will have a good impact on the nursing professionals. It would vanish the belief that nurses are there to do the basic care are bathing, assisting, changing dress etc. It would be a change point in the nursing profession and would develop of sense of respect for nurses hence will improve the processional interaction.

Healthcare systems and organizations have greatly progressed as a result of the widespread adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Not only are these tools employed during the course of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, but they are also used for the goal of data collection and record keeping. Electronic health record systems are currently employed by the vast majority of healthcare facilities; these systems are used to store patient records, including demographic information, laboratory results, and hospitalization details (F. Heston, 2020). Both medical staff and patients benefit from this convenience. There have been many technology advancements in healthcare, yet many institutions still rely on paper records. It’s true that modern technology has the potential to do away with paper processes entirely, but institutionalized bureaucracy stands in the way. People’s actions and the significance they give to those actions within the context of the organization are all part of its culture. Adoption of informatics is influenced by organizational culture and, in turn, has an effect on patient outcomes. Behaviors that uphold authority and morals are preserved. Until workers know they are safe doing unconventional work, they will not embrace new approaches. Some principles that are deeply ingrained in an organization’s culture are impeded by any system, no matter how well it’s constructed.

Promoting nursing informatics ultimately aims to better care for patients and ensure the security of clients via the application of informatics concepts. Improved patient safety and increased clinician familiarity with best practices for patient care have both resulted from the widespread adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) systems (Kwiatkoski, 2020). EMRs have aided healthcare practitioners in data exchange and the capture of clinical notes, therefore their usage has been met with high expectations. The number of mistakes made when determining eligibility has decreased thanks in part to the work of nurses who have received training in the use of electronic medical records. Healthcare providers who have access to up-to-date electronic patient notes can improve their ability to provide quality treatment to their patients.


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