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Fabienne Longchamp

RE: Discussion – Week 3


Nursing informatic and data collection, as they have become the emerging technology in healthcare, are proven to be the two main factors leading into the future and contributing to the delivery of quality nursing care to patients; as well as closing the gap in communication between clinicians and Doctors. One might argue that the main forces behind this technology driven care has to do with nurse informaticists. Any new project development requires collaboration, communication and implementation, and nursing informaticist are the ones bridging the gap between team members and has become the voice in aiding to advance Health care. I have researched and found an article on ONSVOICE (2021), it states that “Nurse informaticist, since they speak two languages Health care and technology, facilitate communication between clinicians and IT Teams as well as help to develop strategies for health IT that facilitate collaboration with other clinical and operational leaders.” If we look at the importance of nurse informaticist, we can use the pandemic for instance. HIMMS (2022) stated that, “although telehealth was already in use prior to COVID19, during the pandemic, nurse informaticists accelerated the need for ambulatory and impatient virtual care visit consults, as well as assisting with the deployment in telehealth and teleworking strategies in an effort to keep people out of the hospital so there can be a reduce in the spread of the virus.” In my organization, nurse informaticists during the pandemic created a resource hub containing various articles about coronavirus to educate the community and patients. This information helped the community distinguish the difference between the signs and symptoms regarding flu, cold, and Corona Virus. Working with outpatient clinic, check in process for patient was done efficiently online where patient data was obtained to help identify patients experiencing signs and symptoms of covid 19. Nevertheless, as technology continue to influence our nursing practice, improvement will continue to take place. One specific improvement that nursing informatics and informaticist can assist in has to do with nurses administering medication to patients; such improvement will be beneficial because it will decrease the number of harmful treatment and medication errors in our discipline that happen partly because of misread lab reports and misdiagnosis. As we move into the future,encounter for roadblocks and reluctance to adopt new practices will always occur, however nursing informaticist can collaborate with doctors and nursing staffs and policy makers to develop a system that gather data and to be compared with diagnosis and medications prescribed and stop pyxis from dispensing any medication not associated diagnoses and symptoms. An article found on Regis College (2021) states that “medication errors are estimated to impact minimum of 1.5 million patients per year which further compromise health.” I believe that nursing informatics if continued to evolve will have profound impact globally in the healthcare system because it will help facilitate communication not only between patients and doctors but also help to reduce the in majority of medical errors endangering patient wellbeing, patient information will be within reach no matter where treatment team or patient are based.


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