Understanding the marketing

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The typical buying process consists of a set sequence of events: problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior. Consumers will not necessarily go through the buying process in an orderly fashion: They may skip and reverse stages and alternate between shopping online and offline. It is important to note that no matter the cost of the product or service under consideration to be purchased, the consumer still goes through all the steps in the decision-making process, albeit some steps are gone through in split seconds.

Identify the steps in the consumer buying decision process and explain the differences between those and the steps in the buying decision process of businesses. Discuss some marketing strategies organizations may use to keep consumers or businesses moving through the decision process to reach a decision.

Be sure to include a reference. Support your essay content with two high-quality peer-reviewed academic sources and format them according to the current APA guidelines.

— At least 2 references including Kotler, P., Keller, K. L., & Chernev. A. (2022). Marketing management (16th ed.). Pearson.

— 2 pages

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