Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

1) Please write down one quote that stands out to you from the current or prior readings and/or lectures. You don’t have to have it figured out or be able to explain it–it should just be a quote that stuck with you for whatever reason and that you’d like to share with the group. Please include a citation.

2) Please also formulate 3 questions (total) drawn from the current or prior readings and/or lectures. Questions do not have to relate to the quotation. One thing we learn in this class is that writing good questions is something of an art, and we’ll get a lot of practice with it. Like choosing the quote, trust your instincts and confidently ask the questions that occur to you as you review current or prior readings and/or lectures from the perspective of your knowledge and experience. This could be a question about what the author really means in a particular passage, or about what a passage might mean as we review it in our own time and place.

Just as you can’t really go wrong in your choice of quote and questions as long as you stick with the current or prior readings and/or lectures, neither can your classmates. So, as you enter into discussion in class of the quote and questions your classmates have selected, do so in the friendly spirit of helping further develop the idea that led to the choice of quote or question.

I put the articles to choose from below

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