Social work scenario

Learning Goal: I’m working on a social work multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Client Problem Scenario – You are a new Case Manager with a non-profit social service agency that provides multiple social services to the community. You have been with the agency for 5 months and this is your first job in social services. You are a single parent with 2 children.

Your client is Jimmy, an emotionally disturbed adolescent. Jimmy has experienced emotional problems since he was a child. His parents do visit a few times a month, but they seem preoccupied with their own problems. You successfully placed Jimmy in a therapeutic group home where he has received treatment and was also protected from other more aggressive residents. He is now ready to be moved to a less restrictive environment. Your supervisor recommended a therapeutic foster home. You are ready to move Jimmy to his new therapeutic foster home which seems like a perfect fit for him.

A week later your supervisor informs you that a space has become available in one of the agency’s group homes and he recommends that you move Jimmy to the agency home. Your supervisor is really pressuring you to make this move for Jimmy, and is assuring you that he will be fine. You explain both options to Jimmy and he wants to go to the Therapeutic foster come.

You feel strongly that the agency group home would not provide the protection from other residents that Jimmy needs. The number of residents at this group home is low and the agency is in danger of losing the funding for this project. It is a pilot project that serves as a resource for the over-crowded, over-burdened group home system for developmentally disabled youth.

Discussion Board: The Agency needs Jimmy to be placed in the Agency group home so it doesn’t lose funding, however, Jimmy would benefit greater from being placed in the new therapeutic foster home. Post an answer explaining which foster home you would place Jimmy in and why. Then read through your classmates answers and comment on something that they wrote about that you had not considered or thought of that you find interesting. Again, do not bash your classmates or say anything negative about their answers. Positive comments only.

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