All things Happy

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Please post in short form and use professional writing skills. Pay special attention to writing tone, grammar, and punctuation! In this way, you will be practicing your professional writing skills and preparing yourself to be successful in the workplace whether you work for yourself or others. Effective spoken and written communication are imperative to success in life and at work! There are professionals who do not get promoted to certain positions at work because they do not communicate appropriately and effectively in spoken form, in written form, or using effective body language including facial mimics. It is important that you are effective in your written communication. Pay attention to your tone, grammar, choice of words, and so on. Write in a manner where it is clear that you respect and care for others.

Click on “Discussions” on Canvas left sidebar and then on “All Things Happy Discussion” and post your short responses to the following so that you can share with others in your group. Remember to post in short form!

1) What are the top things you learned from this week’s content (e.g., PowerPoint slides and the notes under the slides, videos, readings)? You can list one, two, or three things.

2) From what you learned, is there anything (You can list zero, one, two, or three things) that you would genuinely like to put into practice in your personal or work life? If so, what would that be and how would you do that? Be very specific and clear. 🙂

3) Feel free to share anything else that is in your pure heart to share. 🙂

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